Hello! I'm Michaele. 

I'm a mental health therapist, empowerment coach, yoga instructor and Reiki Master.

I inspire, mentor, guide and teach people who are ready to transform themselves and their lives. 

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to live limitlessly?

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Do you ever wish you could love yourself more?

Do you yearn to be able to say no, without guilt?
What if you could care less about judgement from others?

Have you ever wanted better relationships with others?

Or to improve mental clarity and decision making ?

If so, you're not alone, many people struggle with limiting belief systems and emotional baggage which holds them back from realizing their true potential.

I coach people to identify the origins of those beliefs, recognize how fear keeps them trapped within those limits and develop the skills to navigate and rewrite their personal story.

In other words, I coach people to identify goals and overcome barriers, to go from just living their lives to living life limitlessly.


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Understanding Developmental Trauma 

Developmental trauma, unlike an intense event which most people associate with trauma, happens through our developmental growth period and is a side effect of how we learned to see ourselves, sense our own innate human value and how we interacted with people and the world. Many people when first identifying their developmental truamas will say, “but nothing really bad ever happened to me,” or “but my parents weren't abusive.” Developmental trauma becomes internalized and shows up in many areas of your life. It can appear in patterns in your relationships. It often impacts how you engage (or don’t) in self care. It's how in how you show up in the world and even in how you think.

Popular psychology has put labels on the behaviors and thoughts patterns people have due to their developmental trauma’s such as:

-"imposter syndrome"
-"people pleasing”
among others.

The truth is these labels are defining automatic ways our brain has learned to function. The AMAZING part is, we can retrain our brain!

Work with me to set aside the past, adaptively through the lens of your adult brain and understanding of the world in order to develop the ability to function OPTIMALLY in every facet of life.

If this speaks to you and you're ready to jump in or learn more, contact me, let's chat!

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Coming in 2024:Community Coaching

You are amazing, you are resilient and you are ready for more. So, let's get to it!

I believe we each have our own limitless potential. I have seen many women, young to wise learn to identify the patterns and beliefs which hold them back and develop the tools they need to break free.
Our potential exists, below the surface, waiting for you. We just need to tap into it and breathe it into being. 

What is community coaching? 
Great question. I absolutely love this model of working with people. Community coaching gives you not only me, access to resources and a group of women to network with, learn from and to have for support, your own confidence network! 
We have two weekly coaching meetings, a private facebook group and daily connection through the group.  I am excited to be able to offer the community coaching in both three and six month commitments, meaning tailored support for what you need.  

This community focuses on digging deep to identify and dislodge blocks such as: overthinking, overwhelm, worse case scenario, fear, people pleasing, self doubt perfectionism, the list goes on etc...

What happens when you dislodge the blocks?

~You develop confidence in your body.
~You show up, assertive and healthy in  your relationships.
~You make leaps in your business or career. 
~You become who YOU were always meant to be.

This community will challenge you to stop living small and start living courageously confident.

What are you waiting for? 

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