Current and Future Offerings 

Who doesn't like options? Figure out what works best for you at this time!

Traditional Therapy

Currently Michaele is still offering one on one therapy services within the state of Maine. Insurances are not accepted at this time; however Super Bills are provided and clients are welcome to seek out reimbursement on their own. 

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Community Coaching 

This is an integrative approach to engaging real and lasting change.  A way to receive MORE support, develop a community and receive daily connection with Michaele and the community. 

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Michaele is currently a certified Yoga instructor with a focus on mental health and trauma centered yoga interventions. 

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Speaking Engagments

Michaele is available to speak at your events! Connect now to discuss more. 

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Connect for Free!

Michaele is currently running a free Face book group, Courageously Confident Women to give women a place to build community and do some work around their confidence blocks. 

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Explanations of the types Yoga 

Vinyasa Flow 

This class is designed to get your body moving and stretching. Vinyasa style yoga will enhance your mind body connection to reduce stress, manage anxiety and get your heart pumping and muscles working. As a therapist I love to weave in my knowledge to create a therapeutic and balanced yoga practice while having a little fun. 

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Yin Yoga

The perfect compliment to more aerobic exercise, weight lifting and vinyasa style yoga, Yin yoga works on the deeper tissues such as tendons ligaments, joints and fascia. The practice includes holding poses for longer to allow the muscles to relax and improve mobility. 

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Trauma Focused Yoga

More information to come! This will be the last class to be added to the Friday schedule. 

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