Hey, I'm Michaele.

I am ecstatic that your curiosity and desire for something better has brought you this far. Let me tell you about me and what I bring to the table. As a veteran mental health therapist I carry everything I've learned and experienced with me to each session. I'm not all business though, humor and an "in your face" approach will help us to work together to kick start your kick ass. 

Limitless Transformation Coaching, LLC

I am a licensed clinical therapist who has been working with women, children and families for 15  years.

I specialize in working with people who experience and struggle with Anxiety and PTSD. I have spent years of my career studying and understanding the neuroscience that underlies these issues. 

I've come to believe, many of the people walking through the door of my office did not need a diagnosis, however, they did truly need support and knowledge in order to overcome their barriers to having confidence in themselves to live their lives to their optimal wellness. 

Traditional therapy is great, but I knew there was so much more I wanted to do and offer, so I created Limitless Transformation Coaching and stepped into my empowerment coaching role. 

Coaching as an alternative to therapy means more contact and more connection without the barriers of the antiquated harness of the medical model of working with people.

Although I integrate evidenced based therapeutic interventions as well as body movement and energy work into my coaching to complete the whole human approach to creating your best life. 
I graduated with my Masters in Clinical Social Work in 2008

I recently acquired my RYT 200 Yoga Teaching Certificate and am actively working to develop a variety of yoga classes including, vinyasa flow, yin yoga, trauma focused yoga and BUTI yoga. 

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